Beautiful, Secure Doors for All Areas of the Home

“Open the door…let ’em in.”

Your front door is the gateway to your home. A sliding patio door is the entrance your beautiful deck or backyard. Side doors deliver convenience and accessibility.

No matter where your doors are located, you want them to look great while maximizing security and safety for your family.

Unique Home Solutions offers high-quality doors in a wide range of materials, colors and styles. 

Here are some things to consider about door engineering & construction:

  1. Our extruded aluminum screen doors are much stronger than hot-rolled doors.  Locking mechanisms add protection against both storms and intruders.
  2. Out means OUT. Heavy-duty steel deadbolt locks are flame-hardened and chrome-plated, to keep your family safe and secure. Vent-locks admit fresh air while providing protection. Our steel entry doors are 22 gauge steel, 33% thicker than conventional steel doors, while our resin doors are fiberglass-reinforced.
  3. Patio doors feature tempered glass encased in a virgin PVC vinyl sash and a fusion-welded frame. Movement is effortless: doors glide on four heavy-duty brass rollers, providing long-lasting, trouble-free operation. Internal stainless steel springs quietly unlock the door with the press of a button.

Watch a 60-second video detailing one customer’s experience installing new doors and windows in their home:

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