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Why Your Home Needs a Security Door

Why Your Home Needs Security Doors

It’s every homeowner’s worst nightmare: a break-in. There are few feelings more unsettling and violating than knowing that a stranger has entered your home while you were away.

Home security systems can help scare off intruders, but they won’t stop them from getting inside in the first place. So what can homeowners do to protect their homes and keep their families safe?

The First Line of Defense: Your Front Door

No matter where you live – whether it’s the bustling Indianapolis area or a small rural town – crime statistics show that roughly 65% of all all intruders enter through one of the home’s primary doors, including the front, rear, garage or side door. A whopping ⅓ of burglars enter through the front door, despite being in plain sight of the street and surrounding neighbors.

That’s because it usually doesn’t take much to identify vulnerabilities, such as outdated locks, a weak frame or a glass window on the door. One of the best security measures a homeowner can take is investing in a security door for the front of their home.

Below are some features to look for when selecting a security door:

  • Solid core steel
  • Steel frame
  • Six pin locks
  • Strike resistant deadbolt plates

Although wooden doors are beautiful, they are much less strong than steel doors and can crack under impact. By comparison, a sturdy steel door with a steel frame and appropriate locking mechanisms (such as a deadbolt with a kickplate) is essentially impossible to kick in.

If it’s in your budget, it would be wise to invest in security doors for other areas of your home, such as the back door and side doors. These doors tend to be more private, making them an appealing option for intruders.

Top Benefits of a Security Door

  • Security doors are nearly impenetrable, and can greatly reduce an intruder’s ability to enter your home. They can deter burglars and minimize crimes of opportunity.
  • Security doors are available in a range of unique styles and designs to complement the appearance of your home’s exterior.
  • By bolting the security door and leaving the main door open, you can let fresh air, cool breezes and natural light into your home without worrying about safety.
  • Security doors provide additional peace of mind while you’re sleeping, at work, or away on vacation.

Steel security doors are the best line of defense against home intruders. Rest easy at night knowing your home, your family and your valuables are safely protected. Contact Unique Home Solutions for more information about our steel doors and security doors! Serving clients in the Indianapolis Indiana and Cleveland / Northern Ohio areas.

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