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Foyer Remodel Ideas That Deliver Wow Factor

The entryway is the beginning of your house and where you start to make an impression. The foyer represents the first glimpse visitors will get of your home’s interior. Therefore, the foyer goes a long way in making the all-important first impression.

If you’re planning a home remodel, give your entryway a good, hard look. Does it convey the design feel you want guests to have of your house? If not, add an entryway remodel to your home improvement project.


Open Layout

If you have an older or historical home, your foyer may essentially be a small room. Such a design was a practical concern because the small room provided a buffer zone between the outdoor conditions and the living quarters. However, modern heating and cooling, as well as insulation, make such concerns less prevalent.

Open layouts often feel more welcoming than a small room. Consider tearing down the wall between the foyer and the living quarters during your remodel to invite more light and air into the entire front of the house. If this tear-down isn’t feasible, replace a standard door with a French variety, which is wider. Then, choose glass French doors to give the appearance of an open layout.


Wall Details

Whether you have a closed off foyer or not, the space is still defined by walls. Your guests’ eyes may skitter past those walls to the rest of the house if the foyer itself doesn’t present visual interest. However, the goal is an entryway that provides a positive first impression on visitors.

With the foyer, you can sometimes get a little more creative since it’s a small space. To that end, consider adding details to your wall. For instance, you could have the contractors add trim in the form of paneling or a picture rail. This project works well for older houses.

You can also add visual interest with wallpaper. This idea works well with any age of house. For instance, you could choose abstract wallpaper that looks like art for a modern foyer.  Think about what makes your house unique, and promote that character with the foyer walls.


Ceiling Details

Another area that can benefit from trim, as well as other details, is the ceiling, especially if you don’t have a vaulted foyer.

Contractors can recreate architectural details with ceiling trim. They can replicate beams or give the illusion of a coffered ceiling. As with wall details, you can be more creative with the foyer’s ceiling trim than you might allow yourself in other rooms.

A common ceiling trim detail is the medallion. Ceiling medallions typically correspond with a hanging light. You could draw attention to a simple pendant light with a medallion. Conversely, for an old-world ambience, match a ceiling medallion to a chandelier. Such an effect works well if you have a large foyer.


Balustrade Update

With two-story houses, the staircase is often incorporated into the foyer. That said, the appeal of your staircase is mostly dominated by the balustrade.

As with the trim, your choice in balustrade depends on the overall character of your house. For example, if you have a Craftsman-style house, you may want to stick to a wooden railing. You can update it with new staining or paint. Conversely, you can replace the existing balustrade. You have many choices in rail and baluster styles.

Another option is to replace the railing with another material. Metal balustrades are especially popular. They range in style from a simple handrail to elegantly-wrought designs. The latter is beautiful in historical style homes. For a modern balustrade, consider one made of glass. The glass can stand alone or be incorporated with metal.

Create a sense of wow with a foyer remodel. Consult with the design experts at Unique Home Solutions for more ideas for remodeling your entryway.

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