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Keep Feline Friends Happy With a Cat-Friendly House

For many pet owners, their furry friends are more like members of the family. If your furry loved one happens to be a cat, you probably want to create a welcoming and enjoyable environment for them and for you. The good news is that you can cater to your kitty without becoming the crazy cat lady. Here are five easy additions to your interior design that Fluffy will love.


Staggered Shelving

Cats love to climb up high — which is why you probably find yours on the counter, on the top of furniture, or on your bookshelves. Why not give them some shelves to climb around on? Staggered, wall-mounted shelves fit well with your decor while providing a fun play area for your kitty.

Any decorative objects should be non-breakable and minimal to avoid accidents and give the cat room to jump around.


High Wall Tracks

A ledge along the top of one or two walls makes a great cat playground and keep the furry little ones out of the way. Cat tracks are simply long shelves near the top of the wall one or two feet below the ceiling. You can paint them the same as the surrounding wall in order to blend in and even add a few decorative touches. Use furnishings or staggered shelving as a cat ladder to reach this fun, high area.

Wall tracks create fun entertainment for kids, guests, and cats. You can design any combination or shape you want, such as cutting small tunnels in walls between rooms to allow cats to come and go. Have a loft or open foyer from the second story? Start a cat track from the railing and let cats meander up and down on their own playful staircase. The possibilities are endless.


Natural Sunlight

For a cat, taking an afternoon nap in the warm sunlight from a window is heavenly. Assess how the sunlight streams into your rooms during various parts of the day. Boosting natural lighting helps both human occupants and their pets, but you don’t want to make any rooms warmer with too much sunlight, so this takes planning.

Make sure you have sufficient shades on all windows so you can control the sunlight exposure. Things like glass doors help create slices of sunlight for cats to enjoy without beaming the sunlight directly overhead to annoy people. Skylights and sun tubes are particularly good for darker rooms, but work with your home remodeler or designer to achieve good placement.


Outdoor Lounges

If you have an indoor-only cat, a protected cat lounge is a great way to give them the best of both worlds. Cat play areas can be any size, shape, or location depending on the layout and needs of your home. You may simply enclose an upper balcony with mesh grating. Or you could go bigger and create a multi-story caged playground that’s accessible from a window or a cat flap on a little-used outside door.


Dedicated Cabinets

Of course, along with their interest in climbing and napping in the open, cats also like privacy. If your kitty becomes grumpy when the kids bother her or him too much, consider turning a cabinet or deep drawer into a kitty retreat.

Simply cut a round or arched hole in the drawer or cabinet door and place a few of kitty’s favorite things inside. Guests will hardly notice this subtle addition to any room, and this keeps cat paraphernalia out of the way when you entertain.

No matter whether you want to design your home from scratch or remodel an existing house, adding cat-friendly touches will create a unique and fun environment for all members of your family. Contact us at Unique Home Solutions today to get started!

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