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Unique bathroom remodeling solutions

We have been in the home improvement industry since 1983, and have continually offered homeowner’s top-quality, American-made products. We use our in house employees to design and install our top ratted bathroom systems.  No matter if you want to transform your bathroom into a haven for luxury, or a solution for safety, we have you covered.


Your bathtub is one of the most prominent features of your bathroom, so why wouldn't you want it to be as beautiful and functional as possible?  We install Luxury Bath products which have a wide variety of affordable bathtubs, showers surrounds, accessories, hardware and more so that you can get the new bathroom you've always wanted—without breaking the bank.  We also can install your flooring and replace the vanity tops to give your bathroom a new look and feel.  


All of the products offered are infused with Microban® protection, a Luxury Bath exclusive. This revolutionary technology actively inhibits the growth of pesky mold, bacteria and other microbes. Microban helps to keep your new shower cleaner and healthier, every single day!  We install tub liners which fit over your existing tub, or we can replace your current bath tub with an easy to use walk-in shower, soaker tub, whirl pool tub or walk-in bath tub. Walk-in tubs are perfect for the handicapped or aging population as added safety and protection improves their quality of life. Plus the optional jets and shower accessories make bathing relaxing and worry-free.  When updating your bathroom we also offer:

  • Flooring installation – Our beautiful Tarkett flooring comes in a roll or interlocking panels that mimic the look of wood.

  • Wall surrounds installation – We can add visual interest to your bathroom by installing vibrant wall surrounds in various patterns and colors, and since they’re acrylic, there’s no re-grouting and tiresome cleaning like with tile.

To learn how you can replace your current shower with an affordable, durable alternative in as little as one day, contact Unique Home Solutions today for a free in house estimate.  

The Microban advantage

It's no secret that your bathroom is one of the most germ-ridden rooms in your home. But you still can protect yourself. All of our bathroom products are infused with Microban protection,

a Luxury Bath collection exclusive.


This revolutionary technology helps keep you healthy by inhibiting the growth of pesky mold, bacteria and other dangerous microbes.

Transform your bathroom

No matter how dreary or dingy your bathroom looks now, we can replace every item to make it look brand new.

Replace your current shower

in as little as 1 day.



  • Bathtubs

  • Countertops

  • Fixtures

  • Flooring

  • Showers

  • Sinks

  • Surrounds

Turn dull and dingy into sparkling and clean

While a new tub, shower enclosure, or fixtures can themselves make your bathroom a more inviting space, you can achieve a complete transformation by also upgrading the surrounding walls and floor.


Upgrade your flooring affordably with beautiful Tarkett products that come in a roll or interlocking panels. Both offer striking designs and can effectively mimic wood. Our contemporary acrylic wall surrounds also come in eye-pleasing colors and patterns — and there's none of the re-grouting or scrubbing that tile needs.

Custom options that make your daily rituals better

No matter how large or small your bathroom, we can fit in a great shower pan. And if accessibility is an issue, you'll love our Barrier Free showers. All feature highly durable Lucite acrylics and can be designed to fit the space available.


If you just need to replace or upgrade your bathtub, we offer many great options.

  • Bathtub liners

  • Walk-in showers

  • Safe walk-in tubs

  • Soaker tubs

  • Whirlpools

  • Optional jets and accessories

Stay safe and relax in your new walk-in therapy tub

If a need for greater safety and convenience inspired your remodel, a walk-in tub makes your project worthwhile. Your walk-in tub's door seals are guaranteed watertight for life, carry an unbeatable warranty, and can often be installed in a day. And there are plenty more reasons why these tubs can change your life.


  • Tub floors are fully treated to be slip-resistant

  • Easier to get into for seniors and people with disabilities

  • Not having to step over a tall tub wall prevents accidents and injuries

  • Comfortable contoured chair prevents need to lower and boost yourself

  • Door handles are ergonomically designed for those suffering from arthritis

  • Greater depth allows for therapeutic benefits of full-body submersion

  • Tubs offer both water and air-jet hydrotherapy for pain relief and healing


While you're enjoying what feels like pricey spa therapy, you don't have to worry these extra bells and whistles doom your bathroom to lots of future service calls. Your Therapy Tub is crafted to the industry's highest standards as certified by the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO).

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